How it all began

I was born surrounded by fashion clothes, shoes and gadgets at my parents boutiques where I used to play as a girl and then work.
Our best clients were TV presenters with plenty of social life and a fond care for ‘help me look good please, I have an important event’.
So I did.
I made them look up to date, stand out of the crowd and true who their identity. When you dress, it is for a purpose (I believe).
The advertising came along.. so dynamic and vibrant.. that I can’t live without it.

The image of a person must be in accordance with their personality and the scenario at each moment to be able project a unique intention.
Image is what you want to project. Whether you intend to sell a product or you want to show the best of you, a good styling is crucial.

Style to me is a vision. Right clothe and attitude, are timeless.